Thursday, January 18, 2018

a new class mate

today a new class mate had come to our class and i was exited to see a new class mate and later we had met a new class mate and he was a south Korean and he are a boy and he was same as me that he had come to unis as a same time that i had come January 19 and then our class had a take a picture and the we had play 2 types of the ball game it is one is that silent ball and a second game is if you get a ball then you will have to say your name,your home country i like silent ball more because it can possible will be out and the class mate must to catch and throw it best as you can

Thursday, January 11, 2018

this week i had learn "monarchy,"anarchy","dictatorship","democracy" and it is meaning is monarchy is meaning of the queen,king and emperor are order and anarchy are the people are freedom without a leader and dictatorship are the people has a small group with almost unlimited power and the kings are rule unlimited power at last democracy is the government and the people are are voting for new president and from the four of this word i learn i like the anarchy because it is a people don't need to do what ever the president,king,queen or emperor says and everyone can be freedom and do whatever they want  

Thursday, November 30, 2017

today parents had come to school [my parents didn't come.  so at first i feel somebody is looking at me so i thought i was a animal in zoo. anyway before parents come grade 5 had met special guest he's name is Carl. and he is Mrs nga's husband. and he was talking about biomass and i had most remember is person,cow,bird,pig is pooping. and that poo had come to use for cook,light thing but that is bit funny and bit weird because it was pooping and that poop had use to cook?! now when i eat i think i could not eat like normally because how can i eat if it is use from poop even i eat i think there will be imagination i will think tat stupid poop and i cannot eat a food cause i eat food and think poo and i thought i was eating poo  just imagination u will know that u cannot eat food. so yesterday i had buddies and i show to my buddies and i showed brain pop and brain pop junior and learn new things i had show him about sound and light because it is there topic the speed light and sound light is faster

Thursday, November 23, 2017

from 2 days ago our class have new topic and it's about electricity and tiny Pisces is atom and atom is this image i will show down here

atom is about made it self and there if 3 tiny kind and there is more tiny and more tiny one is electrons and pro trons


this is a protons from the atom it is hard to see and the protons is a subatomic piratical and it is a symbol p and p+  at last electrons it is a symbol e- and
The Many Job Of Business Men!!

There was a businessman he was late so he bring every stuff for work so he had go to the bus station and he keep lost the bus because the bag.was too heavy he think he will not bring the bag. And he didn’t bring stuff to work and he got fired.
At the next work he didn’t remember because he was too much fun to cook and he cook because he is a chef so at first he thought he dosen’t need to bring a stuff. But he need to so he had no money so he cannot buy stuff. He had kept that secret and and that was a 5 month ago and now he got fired. Because chef didn’t let him borrow stuff to cook anymore and he don’t have any stuff. So he got fired.
ot fired. But if he bring a bag with then he would late
and got fired but then he founds out it was weakened and go back and it was 2 times he did and he and lost the bag and he had lost his bag and at the next day the manager had found out so he got fired and then he had learn that he will put things that he would know

And he had be firefighter. He was too scared fire so he are keep run away no one had know at the beginning and always he go to drink coffee and everyone else are doing job but the is woman are stuck at the apartment and every firefighter are calling the businessman but as i say he are doing something and she died so he had fired and this time he work at bank but he take one millon dollar so he got fired again.

And again and again he was to tired and now he thought he become a youtuber .And he are rich now his like become a youtuber. and he became youtuber  so he doesn't have a time to sleep and so he is so tired. And after 10 years  he died with zero subscribers.

If u have a job even you are sleepy don’t u forgot stuff to work or it will rule your life

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

book review

book review: ender's game
 reviews by Minsoo  
this book genre: science fiction
this is a story about boy call Ender wiggen and someone take him to the space

it is about the war between person and the alien
and there was team rat,dragon,asp and salamander and at first he was the at the episode 1 and when he at the space he become team
rat and the weakest team and he keep up to salamander and he saw a alien in the ship but then that alien was to strong team salamander cannot beat but ender had kill them and every teacher had saw that and he become dragon team teacher and there was another dragon team teacher and his mission is save him.................

Tuesday, September 19, 2017



Reading response is after i read the books then we draw some kind like main characters bag
 are characters room, and the draw some thing on chrome book and inside the drawing write 
some thing are things or character in the book and i choose big Nate because i like that comicbook
and i draw his bag i draw paper,pencil,homework because he like to draw a comic about Mrs godfery and homework at big Nate Nate has a problem and that is keep drawing a bad things and he are always going to the detention.