Thursday, May 24, 2018

week 36

This week i guess there was only one special thing happen except for only one thing it was middle school's performance well the story was like this at begging grade 5 teacher was agreed to let everyone in grade 5 student to watch it to reflect instead of doing nothing. If you want to know more about reflect then i will show you a link about it. reflection. And this week we did about like this this week assembly had canceled but why assembly was one of my favorite thing of school but now i think because Kate didn't go to school. Finally at the art class me i was starting to draw a new type of it but i don't know what is it called.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

week 35

This week we continued recount. This week Ms Kristy tell us that we could type any topic we choose but we have to use 4 adjective. At begging i didn't know what topic should i choose but then ms Kristy told me what about should i choose yesterday lunch or this morning. I was keep thinking again and again. But then it end up i chooses Hung's birthday party. Second we were learning about puberty i thing we are doing it because our unit is transition and we almost move to middle school this year. So anyway at puberty i learned about why do we need body cells and more.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

week 34

This week my class did measurement station in math i did almost all except for one last station. And i start from temperature at there we go out side and check the  temperature .

 Then i did others i don't remember the name but second i did  measuring thing and the third we measuring stuff. at third i did draw a triangle the correct size.

Finally fifth i did my favorite kool aid station it is my favorite because i could drink after i make it the last i did was time i was check how many weeks or days to make 1 million dollars.
So there was volume,capacity,area,length,mass.

And at the literacy we did recount we are writing things we did with the description bubble.
And other of literacy was move seat.

we had a move seat at yesterday from beginning we had vote to choose one is stick and one other is choose whatever seat they want but we choose stick but later i think they change it to second (choose seat we want) i guess it is because the stick makes it unfair.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

week 30

This week at the math class. We did a 2 new thing. Number 1. Mr. Nathan give us 2 orange paper. One has a two drawing square, and one other is nothing on it. we write number we draw on square. I learned about how to make the fraction into decimals we did that with the number as hundredth which is 1 and choose one of it. I actually know because i learned with dad. We have 1 other but i don't want to tell.

And at the literacy we did a some thing i don't remember the name but we did write about the music concert it was my old topic:  music concert. And we did book club the book we were reading is call mount Kilimanjaro the author heard from doctor said she cannot have a baby so she start making book for child and there is a lot of book and the one we were reading is a mount Kilimanjaro as i  said it is about mouse are mount Kilimanjaro it is really funny book



i am recommended to you read this book.

At last at uoi we did pypx. At pypx my group is 12 b and member's are me, Ashe and Minh.
we are working at food waste we did mentor meeting and meet with Mr. David (the gardener.)
and chef Adam. we did a lot of thing together.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

music concert

 At 15 march like 2 weeks ago we had a concert  at first the grade 5 band play but i am not sure about band because i didn't watch grade 5 band. And then there was grade 5 strings. I was at there at first cello go and play and then when they finished violin come and play we played tap dancer, so there and later we'd play tiptoe boo with cello.

Then grade 4 strings come and played violin and cello i don't know about this too.
and then when we finished grade grade 5 strings and band class 5D played basketball.
At beginning they played well but then at the middle while they played the song had stopped. It was to weird but the song come out again and they played again. After the basketball grade 4 come again and sing i don't exactly because i wasn't there. Then the grade 5 come and sing song call i',m on top of the world and hold back the river.

At last while grade 5 sing call "have you ever seen the rain" at the middle of it grade 4 just came and sing together that was my favorite part for me.

In my opinion did well but i felt like i am missing something i guess because my parent
didn't come.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

hardest week

This week we have a PYPX and we had to choose SDG 12. When we are working Ashe and MINH said we should do a about food waste. We agree to ask a worker at this week. We could talk to Mr. Adam. And at the other day we go to shop call Java and we talk to manager and the manage passion was cooking,make people happy and she likes cat and we didn't did it but we will soon go to donkey bakery and JOMA.

And since i get to Mr. Adam we had talk with him example what is his passion and feelings about food waste. So they both put food waste at the piggy farm. because all the pig eat the food waste. Because they could not reserve it because it could sneeze on it and do something else. But then goat could eat it but the goat could not eat it all but the pigs could eat ever thing.

At last we had a grade 4 market day. So we get there is a lot of stuff. Example 3D printer stuff drink and games. I didn't bring a money so i borrow from Mr. Nathan and i drink galaxy lemonade. Onwaqly it was so fresh lemonade it cost 30 dong and it is so delicious i want to drink it again next time and i didn't pay money to Mr. Nathan because i forget about it so i was trying to pay it at Monday next week.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

week 27

there is nothing important happened this week it is normal and we didn't go to school at Monday i am not sure but we did PE math uoi and we finally did literacy again and we did
pypx exhibition we did nothing else but those stuff i just told because nothing special happened except one thing music consent i was very confused before about violin but after that we did like few 3 weeks i know what should i do and how do i do i was good at g and e strings because it is outside strings in violin and the d and a strings is hard because it is inside and i am usually use g or e strings when i am while i am playing d and a strings