Thursday, November 30, 2017

today parents had come to school [my parents didn't come.  so at first i feel somebody is looking at me so i thought i was a animal in zoo. anyway before parents come grade 5 had met special guest he's name is Carl. and he is Mrs nga's husband. and he was talking about biomass and i had most remember is person,cow,bird,pig is pooping. and that poo had come to use for cook,light thing but that is bit funny and bit weird because it was pooping and that poop had use to cook?! now when i eat i think i could not eat like normally because how can i eat if it is use from poop even i eat i think there will be imagination i will think tat stupid poop and i cannot eat a food cause i eat food and think poo and i thought i was eating poo  just imagination u will know that u cannot eat food. so yesterday i had buddies and i show to my buddies and i showed brain pop and brain pop junior and learn new things i had show him about sound and light because it is there topic the speed light and sound light is faster

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