Thursday, January 18, 2018

a new class mate

today a new class mate had come to our class and i was exited to see a new class mate and later we had met a new class mate and he was a south Korean and he are a boy and he was same as me that he had come to unis as a same time that i had come January 19 and then our class had a take a picture and the we had play 2 types of the ball game it is one is that silent ball and a second game is if you get a ball then you will have to say your name,your home country i like silent ball more because it can possible will be out and the class mate must to catch and throw it best as you can


  1. It was so nice and sweet when you highlighted about your new classmate visiting. Is there anything else that you learnt this week? Can you share about it? You can add commas, full stop and revising for overall grammar will make it easier for your reader.

  2. I'm also excited about gangmo.