Thursday, February 1, 2018

this week i had a government of the south Korean and we learn a GDP and Korean is the rich country not north Korean and i had learn the math and it is and we need to show our parents at the meeting and i was scared if i did bad and disappointed by parents i was survive by saying i did good if i had a bad i would be grounded for like an years and no playing games no toys it will kill my life and kill my self and continue to the math i ask what how much time that 5A boys play video game at the day off and i think about GDP and when the old president had help friend and did something and they had let her out of president place at that time the GDP are low

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  1. Minsoo, I'm very impressed with your inquiry into whether the old president was responsible for a low GDP. DOn't kill yourself. Life is good and you are always getting better.