Thursday, March 22, 2018

hardest week

This week we have a PYPX and we had to choose SDG 12. When we are working Ashe and MINH said we should do a about food waste. We agree to ask a worker at this week. We could talk to Mr. Adam. And at the other day we go to shop call Java and we talk to manager and the manage passion was cooking,make people happy and she likes cat and we didn't did it but we will soon go to donkey bakery and JOMA.

And since i get to Mr. Adam we had talk with him example what is his passion and feelings about food waste. So they both put food waste at the piggy farm. because all the pig eat the food waste. Because they could not reserve it because it could sneeze on it and do something else. But then goat could eat it but the goat could not eat it all but the pigs could eat ever thing.

At last we had a grade 4 market day. So we get there is a lot of stuff. Example 3D printer stuff drink and games. I didn't bring a money so i borrow from Mr. Nathan and i drink galaxy lemonade. Onwaqly it was so fresh lemonade it cost 30 dong and it is so delicious i want to drink it again next time and i didn't pay money to Mr. Nathan because i forget about it so i was trying to pay it at Monday next week.

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