Tuesday, March 27, 2018

music concert

 At 15 march like 2 weeks ago we had a concert  at first the grade 5 band play but i am not sure about band because i didn't watch grade 5 band. And then there was grade 5 strings. I was at there at first cello go and play and then when they finished violin come and play we played tap dancer, so there and later we'd play tiptoe boo with cello.

Then grade 4 strings come and played violin and cello i don't know about this too.
and then when we finished grade grade 5 strings and band class 5D played basketball.
At beginning they played well but then at the middle while they played the song had stopped. It was to weird but the song come out again and they played again. After the basketball grade 4 come again and sing i don't exactly because i wasn't there. Then the grade 5 come and sing song call i',m on top of the world and hold back the river.

At last while grade 5 sing call "have you ever seen the rain" at the middle of it grade 4 just came and sing together that was my favorite part for me.

In my opinion did well but i felt like i am missing something i guess because my parent
didn't come.

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