Thursday, March 8, 2018

pypx group

this week i got sick because hospital stuff and this week we had open the book club there was rand a b c d e rank and i think i am rank e because i am a EAL but it was and then there is pypx team i go to 5C and my group name is me Minh Ashe and then we had study and today we had a meeting with my mental and then we had learning a chance at math class so we were do the chance of rolling 2 dice but we did 2 days and 8 used to win at blued but then next day 7 won at red and get most i used to choose 9 and second day i choose 8 but i wrong both of it so now later on i saw that what have most one was 7 so now i want to try again with my family and we have new topic at pe but i am not sure what is the name but then i think i am not so good about this topic i should try my best and this is not good to me.

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