Thursday, April 12, 2018

week 30

This week at the math class. We did a 2 new thing. Number 1. Mr. Nathan give us 2 orange paper. One has a two drawing square, and one other is nothing on it. we write number we draw on square. I learned about how to make the fraction into decimals we did that with the number as hundredth which is 1 and choose one of it. I actually know because i learned with dad. We have 1 other but i don't want to tell.

And at the literacy we did a some thing i don't remember the name but we did write about the music concert it was my old topic:  music concert. And we did book club the book we were reading is call mount Kilimanjaro the author heard from doctor said she cannot have a baby so she start making book for child and there is a lot of book and the one we were reading is a mount Kilimanjaro as i  said it is about mouse are mount Kilimanjaro it is really funny book



i am recommended to you read this book.

At last at uoi we did pypx. At pypx my group is 12 b and member's are me, Ashe and Minh.
we are working at food waste we did mentor meeting and meet with Mr. David (the gardener.)
and chef Adam. we did a lot of thing together.

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