Thursday, May 10, 2018

week 34

This week my class did measurement station in math i did almost all except for one last station. And i start from temperature at there we go out side and check the  temperature .

 Then i did others i don't remember the name but second i did  measuring thing and the third we measuring stuff. at third i did draw a triangle the correct size.

Finally fifth i did my favorite kool aid station it is my favorite because i could drink after i make it the last i did was time i was check how many weeks or days to make 1 million dollars.
So there was volume,capacity,area,length,mass.

And at the literacy we did recount we are writing things we did with the description bubble.
And other of literacy was move seat.

we had a move seat at yesterday from beginning we had vote to choose one is stick and one other is choose whatever seat they want but we choose stick but later i think they change it to second (choose seat we want) i guess it is because the stick makes it unfair.

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  1. what mesuring thing "measuring thing and the third we measuring stuff". what is a recount essay.